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Working to provide full range services to help those eligible discover and pursue their dreams

The Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities, best known as HOPE Services, offers a full range of services, including in-home early intervention programs for very young children and their families to leisure programs for seniors and specialized therapies.

We are able to provide speech-language, occupational, and physical therapies, along with psychological services, Service and Support Administration, Special Olympics, quality assurance, family resources and respite care, supported living, vocational training, community employment, and crisis intervention. Our Enrollment as of December 2015 is 400 individuals.

HOPE Services mission is to creatively work alongside eligible individuals and their families, so they can discover, pursue, and achieve what is important to them.

Our operations are overseen by a seven-member unpaid board. The Henry County Commissioners appoint five members, and the presiding judge of Probate Court appoints two. At least three of our board members must be the parents or immediate family members of people receiving services from HOPE.

Funding for our operations comes from three sources: county-wide property tax along with both state and federal funds. Our local tax, which accounts for more than 60 percent of our primary support, involves both continuing levies and a 2.0 mill renewal levy.

2015 HOPE Services Annual Action Plan

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