Community Support & Activities

We are helping individuals gain independence, foster their social skills, and enhance their recreational opportunities.

We have a wide range of community support and available activities, so each individual can find something that suits their desires and needs.

Our community support and activity services include:

  • Special Olympics
  • Camps
  • Dances, bowling, bingo, and sporting events
  • Housing and supported living
  • Voices of HOPE

Recreation services offers evening and weekend opportunities for individuals to explore and enhance their leisure interests and social skills through planned activities in the community. Some opportunities include overnight camping trips to foster growth and communication. Our Special Olympics also aid in physical, social, and psychological development.

Residential services help individuals gain independence by helping them find homes in our community. Services vary by need and choice.

We are also proud to have our own self-advocacy group, Voices of HOPE, which help individuals grow and learn their rights, how to handle different situations, and help them recognize the strengths they have. We’re proud Voices of HOPE is lead by peer leaders and Project STIR graduates.

Community Support & Activities Includes