Service & Support Administration

HOPE Services focuses on supporting, empowering, and advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in their pursuit of lifelong goals, through our Service & Support Administration department.

We provide assistance to eligible persons and their families in accessing and coordinating the services of choice, such as financial, educational, vocational, residential and other community based programs. Our Service & Support Administrators safeguard the rights of and monitor services provided to eligible Henry County residents.

    • Our staff work with individuals and their families to administer assessments and collect documentation to determine eligibility for services


    • Coordinate assessments to find out what is important to individuals and what is working and not working in their life


  • Develop an ISP using person-centered planning that outlines what is important and connects individuals to the provider of their choice
    • Connects individuals to community resources they need to be successful


    • Develops a budget for services based on the individual’s assessed needs and the preferred way for meeting those needs


  • Ensures the health and safety of each individual through developing prevention plans for potential occurrences that may impact health and safety

Service & Support Administration Includes