Crisis Prevention

Crisis Intervention

Crisis PreventionWe provide crisis intervention and support if a crisis happens.

Our SSA Unit provides 24-hour emergency crisis intervention. The on-call phone number is 419-579-0840. If the on-call SSA is not reached, please leave a voicemail message. If the on-call SSA has not returned the call within 15 minutes, call the number once more.

If a serious medical emergency exists, and/or an individual’s immediate health and welfare is at risk, 911 should be called for immediate assistance.

If you or your loved one needs crisis intervention, please call 419-579-0840.

Behavior Support Services

Facing challenging behaviors? We’ll provide assistance and develop a plan.

Behavior Support Services are commonly provided to individuals served by the Board when the individual is assessed to need assistance with challenging behaviors. The Behavior Support Specialist, and/or the Student Services Coordinator, in cooperation with the individual, his/her SSA, and other team members, complete an assessment and develop a Success Plan.

Success Plans which include restrictive interventions are approved by the Behavior Support/Human Rights Committee and are reviewed every 30 days. The Behavior Support Specialist and/or the Student Services Coordinator are available to work with families or residential staff to develop strategies to use at home. The Student Services Coordinator is also available to assist with development of strategies and/or Success Plans for eligible children who attend school in their local school district.

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